Announcing the Marriage of

Justin Sinclair & Joy Martin

On January 16th, 2021

In these strange times that we find ourselves, the wedding that we intended to have just didn’t make sense.

So on January 16 will be getting married in the presence of just our parents.

We had hoped to have many more of you present, so in lieu of a normal celebration we want to invite you into our marriage by sharing our story with you, and we want to send you something in the mail as a way to begin our new life alongside you.

We would also love for you to contribute to our honeyfund and registry if you’d like.


As our friends and family, we’d like to include you in our new life together. We’d love to have all your current info, and…

After the wedding we want to send you a little something in the mail. Put in your info and we’ll send you something in the near future! 🙂 

10 + 11 =


Something about the honeyfund…


Something about the story…

Here’s the story

7 years ago
Joy Martin was one of the first people I met at college; we were in the same pre-semester orientation group. If I’m honest with myself, when we met I immediately fell in love. And it was pretty obvious that it happened to her too.

The only thing is that I was in a long-distance relationship..
And of course right after that relationship ended, she left for Chicago.


5 years ago
Naturally, I made her a playlist of music I thought she would love. (this will be important later) And then I wrote her a love letter. Well it turned out she had just started dating someone. And then a half year later when she was free… I had just started a new relationship.


It went back and forth like this for a while; always perfectly out of sync.

3 years ago
It seemed that maybe it was time. We both caught hints that the other was available. I decide to reach out with a subtle flirt: “Joy, you’re beautiful”.

We called a few times, and then wrote some letters back and forth, but it was difficult to start a relationship long-distance. It just didn’t quite work out.

So, back to the game.

2 years ago
We’re both in different relationships, really significant ones, and each start to think we’ve found the one… we start to accept that we’ll have to settle for a friendship, and we would call once in a blue moon to catch up. 

1.5 year ago
We both go through some painful breakups around the same time. By this point though I was pretty sure it just wouldn’t work out. She visited California and, though we were both single, we hung out as friends.

I came to terms with it, made my peace, we went our separate ways.

And then the coronavirus hit. 

The first day of quarantine in LA, March 14th, I reach out:
“Let’s catch up! Call anytime – literally ANYTIME”

She was living in Texas, but hey, if the whole world is online there’s no difference between someone living in California and someone living in Texas right? Plus, she had just lost her job thanks to the pandemic. Maybe this could work. 

It did.

2 months later she moved to LA.

We went on a date, and less than a week later I remember telling a friend:
“It’s just the perfect fit, like a glove. It’s exactly what we always thought it might be. There’s something different than in any past relationship; I know that we could lock it in, and no matter what comes up, we could handle it.”

And we were on the same page…

So on October 15th I sang her this song.

Now remember that playlist from 5 years ago? One of the albums on it became her all-time favorite: an album of piano miniatures by John Arndt. Conveniently, I had gotten to work for him after being a fan of his for years.

So at 3pm on October 15th, a new piano piece released – crafted just for her. 

I pressed play, and got on a knee. 

Enjoy –

P.S. She said yes 🙂