Brother James is the spiritual singer-songwriter moniker of LA-based producer & songwriter Justin James Sinclair, who’s equally influenced by classic songwriters like McCartney and Randy Newman as he is by authors like Plato and Leo Tolstoy.

Deeply inspired by monasticism, Brother James’ songs engage with mysticism, deep self-searching, and the daily, necessary struggle we all face to remain present, fully alive, and grateful. His stories document and explore the messy human process of pursuing truth and attempting to love people well.

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“Justin’s got a golden voice, bright and clear and capable of carrying high emotion, and I spent about two minutes trying to find a reference point for it (maybe Sleeping at Last) before I realized I’d missed half of the song. So I went back and played it again, and I leaned forward, and I was pulled in.”

“To me the biggest struggle is staying present, alive, and grateful. The most difficult thing in the world is living each moment fully alive and embracing who I am where I’m at.”