Let me write you a song!


I want to tell your story, with poetry and melodies, music and lyrics


Listen below for an example — a song written for the wedding of Sam and Tessa Hayashida: 

Beauty in Our Eyes

by Justin Sinclair | The Story of Sam and Tessa Hayashida

Now let’s craft your story into a song

Because it’s one thing to listen to other people’s stories get told in songs, but to have your own song —
That you can listen to, hum, and keep returning to for years —
which captures the pain and the beauty and heartache and joy and mundaneness and profoundness of your story…

It can be a beautiful time-capsule – a sort of wrapping-paper, to hold meaningful memories and moments. And I’ve benefited from that as a songwriter, but it’s been really beautiful to loan this time-capsule wrapping-paper to others.

We can start working on your song today.
A unique keepsake for the most meaningful moments and relationships —
for a wedding, a memorial, or a prayer service,
for your wife, your child, your life-long friend…

And then I can perform the song for your wedding, a service, a proposal, any event.
And if you want we can record the song with some of the world’s best musicians and release it publicly. I’ve worked with — and could hire for your performance or recording — musicians who have recorded or performed with countless artists including John Legend, Weezer, Michael Buble, Vulfpeck, and more.

So how will this work?

1. Decide on an option below and then fill out the form.

Choosing an option is NOT a commitment – just a way to start the conversation.

2. We’ll schedule a call to talk through your story.

I’ll follow up with an email – or you can skip straight to a free intake call below.

3. I’ll get to work creating your song!

And we’ll craft together it until it’s perfect – until it tells your story exactly as you want.

To see an example of how the conversation could go:

So where do we start?


It depends on where you’d like to see this end up —

Do you want to just have a story in the form of a song to keep?
Do you want an original song about your story performed at an event?
Do you want an original song about your story recorded, to share with the world? 


Consider your options, and then let’s start a conversation!

Song Package




  • I’ll write a song for your story
  • One hour-long “story intake”
  • Two check-in / revision calls
  • 3 months guaranteed “delivery”
  • Guitar or piano + vocal demo
  • Lyric and/or chord sheet

EXTRAS include:

  • High-quality acoustic recording
  • Advanced chart for musicians
  • “Performance” or “Production”
  • Delivery in 1 month 

Performance Package




  • “Song” package plus…
  • Performance of it at your event
  • Guitar + Vocal or Piano + Vocal
  • + 2 songs from my repertoire
  • One extra song request

EXTRAS include:

  • Extra musicians – strings, drums, bass, anything
  • Extra songs and more requests
  • Engineer and sound system

Recording Package



  • Song” package plus…
  • Fully-produced, radio quality recording ready for release
  • 3+ real instruments, played by professional musicians.
  • Distribution to online services (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.)

EXTRAS include:

  • More instruments, orchestration
  • World-Class musicians (for artists like Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and more…)
  • Choice of professional singers

*All package prices are “Base” prices; adding extras will increase cost — and cost of extras may vary for each situation. I’ll follow up with full pricing details and then an estimate once I hear from you! 


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(That goes straight to an email – to justin@letmewriteyouasong.com – and we’ll start talking asap!)

Listen to some other examples, 

and read reviews from previous clients: 

“Omniscient Mourner”

Biola University

“Morning Prayer” Service

Song Package + extras

“I asked Justin if he would write a song (secretly) so I could surprise my husband with it for our 4th wedding anniversary… even before he heard the song, he said “let’s listen again!” several times through the day, saying over and over “I can’t believe we have a song as a part of our story!”

Rachel Neal, therapist

“Beauty in Our Eyes”

Sam and Tessa Hayashida

Wedding Ceremony

Performance Package + extras

“So, so glad I hired Justin to write a song for my wedding. That’s something that me and my wife will get to hold onto and listen to forever. Until we’re 60. And 70. And God willing, 120. Still not quite sure how Justin so perfectly captured and retold our story in a 4-minute song… but he did. And now we have that forever. Thanks Justin.”

Sam Hayashida, copywriter

“Your Work”

Redeemer Church

Children’s Worship Song

Recording Package + extras

“Justin did an amazing job with creating a number of fun, engaging, and deeply thoughtful songs for our church on various topics that we commissioned him to do. We would highly recommend his songwriting to others!””

Greg Stump, pastor at Redeemer

If you know you can’t commit to anything soon but think an idea may come up in the future —

Or If you just love the idea and want to keep up with my music,
toss in your email below and we’ll keep in touch!