What if when you were a baby
You were born to the wrong side
And you were taught the other story
The other people’s harmful lies

But what if every time you questioned
They warned you get back into line
Would you ever search for wisdom
Or accept that they were right

Do you think you would be brave enough
To seek out what is true
And how would you know
to search for truth?

What if where you sought divine love
Was a book of empty sounds
That you were told had come from Heaven
The words of God written down

But what if when you tried to leave it
You were faced on every side
With the threat of endless torture
And fear of being ostracized

What if in the name of Wisdom
You were taught all others blind
And though you only saw their straw men
You were certain of their lies

And what if violence filled your vision
For the sake of proving right
And in the name of God and nation
You had taken countless lives

Do you think you could tell
all the men who
made you who you are:
I’m trading honor for life

What if all you knew from childhood
When you came at last to die
You discovered to be falsehood
that had scraped you dry?

What if by those lies your heart turned
Into something like a hell
And as your eyes beheld the earth,
one last time, they detested every cell

Would they welcome you in Heaven,
would you care for it at all,
If you had all the while lived in hell

But what if in the name of Jesus
You had stayed true to this life?
Do you think he would forgive you
For your ignorance and pride?

What if when you finally met him
He was different than you thought
And the box they put around him
Made you hate what you saw

What if God was not the
person that you always thought he was?
And what if God looked like the other side?

And What if all the while
the closest you could ever be to God
Was to love a stranger’s soul?

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