I’m ready for a brand new start
I know it’s been a while since I held you then
But I’m keepin you close to my heart
And countin down the hours till I see you again

Even though you found home somewhere new
I still thought that my home might be you

I need to get you into my life
Make up for all the years spent miles apart
Cause it’s keepin me up at night
For lack of dreams or travel sent a lettered heart

Write it down, send it off, watch the moon
I found out you found home, someone new

Come home, come here let’s make things right
I’ve always longed to try and someday we might
But for now Augustine bring your knife:
for the “make me chaste, God, but just please not yet”

Even so, if you’d like, we could try
But it’s time, take a drive, and let’s try

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