Spirit-filled Socrates, live your life in me

May I protest a little less than James of Zebede.

Oh Brother James, The blessed saint; the first to be set free

By Herod’s sword he joined you Lord to reign a thousand years.



Oh Christ, live your life in me

Oh Jesus Christ, let me die with thee;

That I might rise, rise to life and be

Your brother, Christ, live your life in me.


Spirit-filled Socrates, make your home in me

We may not have a place to rest, but I’ll find my rest in thee.

Oh Brother James, the lucky saint to be your brother here:

May I be found to him a kin, and be your brother dear.




So Brother James the third I’ll be, if you see fit for me

To live in Christ, and die to gain is all I ask for please.

So curb me now impatience vain to read thy veiled decree

And count it joy to suffer, Lord if so brought nearer thee




Christ, kin eternally.