So the band played feel-good chords
On the Fender and the Nord
Cause we knew no other way
to give the Holy Spirit space

And when emotions were running high
we found the best looking white guy
And that seminary student with hand sanitizer
sprayed us down as he said:

God hates you but he’ll put up with you
if you try to not like evil things
like sex or alcohol or a feminist girlfriend
Cause God forbid you find some truth
Another place, cause if you turn away
and sin
you’re out of the club we’re in.

So I bowed my head and prayed
tried the words the preacher gave
and they finally gave a name
to all the feelings in my veins
and when I tried them on my friends
I got points for fitting in
Cause that seminary student with hand sanitizer
was teaching us kids to pray:

God, hey, it’s me
Would you please put up with me
and I’ll do my best to disappear
and I’ll hate gays
and I’ll drag my friends to church
and this time not watch women on my cellphone
Or masturbate, Oh God, I hate
And I’m glad we’re on the same team

So I’m learning to sift out lies
from the Bible words they gave
And find the truer life
this confusing book contains
And one day maybe soon
I’ll forgive me like you do
At seminary learned to hate hand sanitizer
But I’m still learning to say:

God might love you but I find it hard to
But how were you supposed know you fucked us up
I want to hate you, and I might have the right to
But Father forgive they know not what they do
And so I’ll still my tongue and know
I’m out of the club you’re in

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