As a young man I
Always had to think twice
When those church folks
Urged me avert my eyes
So listen here
Don’t you ever fear
You’ve got to listen
Never cover your ears
So I left the church
For the lack of hurt
That they let us children
Find out why
They say you might lose God
And though it wasn’t all good
I just couldn’t help but
Use my mind
You know that I don’t like this
And though I wouldn’t choose it
No I wouldn’t have it any other way
It’s okay
Cause this is what I’m given
So this is what I’ll cling to
Oh that nothing matters really anyway
It’s okay
I’m an old man now
and I’ve had my share
Of the things that make
Most men despair
I get to watch my son
Lose the only one
That he bet his life on;
Riches won
And now at 85
I get to love my wife
As she slowly sweetly
Loses her mind
And thought I’m not well off
I get to pay it all off
Once the doctor’s failed to
Make it right
Some people wish they could change
The way they lived or the friends they made
The way they go or the date
I hope you understand