Empty me of myself
and fill me with you
because I hate who I am
but I love the truth

I know that I’m a living hell
But I want to be
Gutted like a shell
Finally free

I want to be
Filled with

You, the righteous the powerful
I want you to empty me,
replace my wicked heart

Don’t you know I emptied myself
To restore and renew,
To remove what you’re not,
And find you

But they taught you to hate
The world that I made
And yes there’s evil in the earth
But it told you

That you were hopelessly depraved
Until a couple words you read
Made your soul eternal saved
And damned the rest

You need to know
I want

You, the good parts
and the hungry parts of
you, your broken heart,
And everything you are

I want you
I want you

So don’t believe the lies
They’re not difficult to see
But they’re impossible to let go
When that’s all you’ve ever known

But there’s a fuller truer life
Every people has seen
Behind the beauty of the earth
And in the depths of your heart

And now I came to say

You are good and full of life and
You are not evil, I made you right
Let the truth rest within
and mend your broken heart

I want you
I want you
I want you
And I’ll rest within and
Mend your broken heart

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