Hey, you’re an independent artist/band, and you have a problem that can be fixed.

I know because someone sent you here for that reason.

Some would call this problem “marketing” or “promotion”, Some would call it “social media strategies”,
but whatever it is… it weighs heavy on you – it’s something you feel like you’re not doing well enough.

Everyone right now is telling you social media “promotion strategies”…
Recommending that you get your act together and post 3 times a day…
ocument your entire life on instagram stories…
se the new this or that or the right blah blah blah.

And you hate all of that. You wish someone else would do it for you.

Good news: you can forget about all of that.
Those are all shiny new toys that distract you from the end goal.

Artists have been making a living with music for over a century without social media, and you can too.
That doesn’t mean you should quit social media, just that you should know why you use it. 

You need to know how social media contributes to your goals as an artist.It can and will fit into a larger plan.

So let’s take a step back.

The Problem

There are people out there somewhere who, if only they heard your music, they would love it.

You want them to:
1. Hear your music,
2. Become invested fans, and
3. Happily pay you so that you can keep creating new music.

And you don’t want to think about “marketing” all the time. 

If this isn’t true of you, you can stop reading. This isn’t for you, which is totally fine.
And if you haven’t gotten any positive response on your music yet… maybe go back to that step. Work on your craft. Make great music.

If this is your goal, there are so many resources out attack the problems.
You just need to know what those resources are and how to apply them to your career. 
And once you tailor this plan to your career, you can hire a friend to check the boxes and execute the plan.

In other words, you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

The Solution:

The plan, which summarizes every “marketing campaign” (Dib)
1. Identify your target audience, and get your music in front of those people. (Listeners
2. Cultivate relationships with these people, through a consistently reliable channel. (Fans)
3. Monetize their support, and make more and better music with that money – to better serve these people and fulfill your passion. (Patrons)

And once you begin the cycle, they each feed into eachother. 
Listeners become fans become patrons, and patrons allow you to reach more listeners.

In other words,
Marketing = Finding people who will enjoy your music and loving them. (Sivers) Which leads to a sustainable career. 

That’s it. Easy.

So what does that mean practically?

Five minute reads each, but if you’d rather get straight to tailoring this system to you – just send an email below and let’s chat.

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