The best thing I can offer you is a concert in your living room.
Scroll down to find out how it works
but first start this video to get a taste of how a homeshow feels:

A homeshow could be anything you’d like it to be.

Sometimes it’s just a concert.
But sometimes it’s a deep discussion about the meaning of life.
Sometimes it’s a relaxed conversation over wine.
Sometimes it’s storytime for a family of four.
Sometimes it’s a straight-up hootenanny.
A homeshow can be paired with anything.

But it always entails stories. I am a storyteller.
Songs just happen to be the best way for me to tell them.

I love to tell stories to just 5 friends,
but it’s sometimes 50, could be 500!
I’ve played 2 songs over the course of 3 hours (a deeeeep discussion),
Or I could play 20 songs over the course of 3 hours.

Either way, I’ll feel out the room,
choose from my 50+ original songs,
And I’ll tell whichever stories feel most helpful for this group.
What I do best is adapt to whatever scenario you toss me into.

I could bring just my acoustic guitar and myself,
(and usually it is – this is my favorite because it’s the most intimate)
a one-man-band situation like in the video above,
a band of 2-10 people, drums, bass, piano, guitars, horns, strings,
I could bring almost any musical group you’d like as long as there’s a budget
(I always pay any musicians $50/hr for the duration of their time with me)

These nights entail lots of laughter and fun,
and have been known to end in tears of emotional freedom.
The goal is to bring people together around stories and shared love. 

I love homeshows.
They really are the fullest culmination of my talents;
The best I have to offer you.

So I want to offer it to you for free.
But I do need to eat food and pay rent.

So make it happen however you want:
Pay me out of your own pocket,
set an entrance fee for guests,
($10/person with 20 people will cover it, or $20 with 10)
collect donations at the end and cover the rest,
auction off my guitar pick or my toothpick
(that’s a joke. maybe.)
However you want to do it!
Just as long as I walk away with a day’s wage.

Because as long as this music thing provides for my basic needs,
that’s how long I’ll be able to serve you with the best I have to offer.

Email me at if you’re interested! 🙂