Hey you. Goodnight.


Goodnight, goodnight
I wish that I could lie
Right beside you and say goodnight
You’re cute and warm
and make feel at home
So why must you leave for the night
Goodnight, goodnight
I guess again I’ll try to live without you
For a few more hours
But soon the light
will show your pretty face to the world
And girl
I’ll hold you in the morning
We’ll drink a cup of instant coffee
And for another lucky day
I’ll get to see your face
And say
Goodnight, gooodnight
I wish that you would lie
Right beside me, and say goodnight
I’d hold you tight
And hear your pretty voice
Say anything at all
Goodnight, goodnight
Cause best of all I like
Not just pretty, but wise
So one more time
Your patient, sweet, and light
Farewell will rise
And I’ll hold you in the morning
We’ll eat a bacon bagel sandwich
And for another Christmas Day
I’ll get to call you mine
And say