Do good, become good, live a good life.

Support good causes by becoming the person you want to be.

Choose your goals

Choose your causes

Choose your sponsor

Become good, affect good

The ancient greek philosopher Aristotle claimed that the most reliable path to happiness, by which he meant fulfillment and good life, is virtue and service. Becoming good and doing good.

And as Michael Jackson said, making the world a better place starts with the man (or woman) in the mirror.

Well what if that self-progress also actively affected change in the world by raising funds for good causes? What if crowdfunding was accomplished by people becoming who they want to be?

What if we could make goodness attractive by making it productive?

GoodLife will:

  1. Help you to identify your worst habits and vices and discover good habits and virtues to replace them.
  2. Match your personal goals with causes that you’re likely to care about
  3. Help you find a sponsor who will motivate your progress by donating to these causes when you build habits and reach goals.

Soon, crowdfunding will not look like asking for money on social media, perhaps promising rewards, but rather inviting people to join a cause by reaching their own goals.

It’s all laid out before us. All we need to do is build the mechanism that connects good people to good causes, and we can start making the world a better place by becoming better people.