Brother James

We’re good country people, you and I
We’re keepin’ to the Bible’s teachin’
‘Least for most of the day.
By the time I leave I’ll have your arm and leg
Inside my bible briefcase and you’ll
Have the satisfaction:
Of knowing God don’t hate you.
(even though he wants to) 

Rest easy sleep at night;
I don’t know why you try to fight
With the one who holds your life.

Us good country people do it right
Spurn evil keep to right lanes
People won’t infect our parade
We’re not needy people
Give to God, greedy people
Say we’re not good, we’re evil
And we still have too much but
Our Father hears our prayers.
(our father lord of liars)

I’ll rest easy sleep at night;
I’ll give just enough and never fight
With the one who holds my life.