Fake Happy

Song Demo

Oh oh oh oh it’s all I need
Oh oh oh oh it’s all I need
Oh oh oh oh hook melody
Oh oh oh oh fake happy

Nothing is stopping me
They say I won’t make it, but they haven’t seen
All the drive in my eye when I dream of my name in lights
Label found out, all I want to be
Is their ad campaign; I’m their money tree
Long as they put my name on the top of the charts

So use your magic on me; 
make me sound good when I sing

I wanna grow up to be a full time mannequin
grow up and be a cog in a machine 
I wanna grow up and give my life to a causeless money scheme 
Don’t need friends or family if I’ve got fame 
Is what’ll make me happy
Fame will be my quick cure-all 
Oh don’t you wanna grow up and be a household name for a few days 
Trade your rights and freedom for a quick fix


Now got a million friends, and they’re making me
With their i’s feel quite like a pop queen
Million likes, just need 5, and then I will satisfied
I don’t need old friends; they just wanna be
Friends of great pop stars I won’t let them be
Give em one shred of hope and they’ll hold you from all your dreams

So use your magic on me;
make me sound good when I sing




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