Now God told Jonah to go up
To a city where he should show up
Tell the people the place was gonna blow up
For all the evil they’d done
But Jonah knew that God was kind
And if the people repented, they might find
That God was gonna change his mind
And forgive them for what they’d done

So Jonah had to go deep down
In the whale he had to go deep down
In the water he had to go deep down
To see what was in his heart (2x)

But God had a plan to send his son
To accomplish the work of redemption
To undo all the bad that had been done
And show a new way to live
So Jesus descended from heaven
To show God’s love for all nations
Through the act of his crucifixion
He gave up his life to forgive

And Jesus chose to go deep down
In the tomb he chose to go deep down
In the grave he chose to go deep down
To show the love in his heart (2x)

And now we have a decision
To accept the gift of salvation
Or carry the weight of all our sin
Till we fall down onto our knees
If we taste forgiveness through God’s grace
It’s gonna put a smile upon our face
We can share God’s love for this whole race
Including our enemies

Cause Jonah didn’t stay deep down
And Jesus didn’t stay deep down
And we don’t have to stay deep down
If Jesus lives in our hearts (2x)

WORDS: Greg Stump
MUSIC: Justin Sinclair & Greg Stump
© 2016 Redeemer Worship


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