I write songs. 
Sometimes people tell me that they're good. 
If they're wrong: 
I should probably get a steady job. 

But if what they say is true and if you like my tunes
If they make you laugh a bit or help you think things through 
All I need's some cash to make the album sound good too
So be my patron and I'll share my songs with you.

I'm a bard. 
I travel town to town to share my heart. 
But it's hard:
To make a decent living as a bard.

But if you think this storyteller feller tells some truth
Or if you'd like to give to others what I'm giving you
All I need some gas a bed and just a little food 
So be my patron, to help me eat some food. 

I don't want to take your money or get famous fast
I just want to find some friends I like who like me back
So that with my music and your money we could try 
To bring some beauty and some joy to people's lives.