7. What easily-deliverable, high value perks can you offer your patrons? 

Patreon’s top creators have 3-5 perk levels, starting at $3-5 for the first tier. (Many are doing a $1 tier, which should be replaced with an easier contact point that’s free – email, groupme, etc.) What type of people would want to join your Patreon? Put those people into 3-5 groups and offer perks to them based on their level of interest/investment in your project.

A good rule of thumb is to start with a $5 tier that is systematized and takes minimal effort, a $20 tier that takes a bit of effort, and $100 tier that facilitates personal connection.

For example:

$5 – Fans who want to support – share a brand new demo (even just a voice memo) monthly.

$20 – Friends or fans-turned-friends who really love your music and want to help grow your career give them access to downloads of all albums and a 2-min background video for each monthly song.

$100 – Older patrons who believe in you and want to keep updated on your life – have a one-on-one skype or a “board of directors”