6. Now that you’ve built relationship, how will you ask them to join you? 

They’ll want to if you’ve done 4 and 5 well – how will you show them the door? i.e. how will you draw them into Patreon – or perhaps there’s a better service for you – how will you draw them there?

Assignment #1:

We’ll start with those friends and family that you’ve already built relationship with. Write two separate invitation messages – one for the close friends and one for the larger group of friends/fam. Make the former message more personal, and personalize each message if possible. Talk in person, call, or text each of these people. With the second category, send an email or facebook message or something of the sort, but ideally make it seem personal still.

*With these pitches, don’t try to sell them. If they’re the right people, they’ll be down. Just be personal, and let them join you*

Assignment #2:

Now take that same message and craft it toward strangers who are in your niche. Write your invitation three very different ways,