2. Craft your message: what is your story, and what emotional need could that fill in their life? 

– Stories that connect with our emotions are what draw people to artists.

Assignment #1:

Answer these questions:

– Who are your top 2-3 most influential bands, especially from when you were younger?

– What drew you to each of these?

– What emotional need did they fill in your life?

– Identify the central message behind your work.

Assignment #2:

Answer these questions:

– What are your songs about?

– What emotions drive them?

– What are you passionate about?

– What pain is that derived from – how were you hurt in the past that pushes you toward that passion?

– These are the things that draw people to artists. Think of what drew you to your favorite artists, and think of how that can apply to you.

I have always considered this the ultimate secret of how to sell anything: “Find out what others want and help them get it.”