1. What is my niche – who would LOVE my music, if only they heard it?

– Start with friends
At first this may be as simple as: “they’re a close friend or family member who wants to help”.
You can and should start there – they are your market in the beginning.

Assignment #1:
Make a list of 25 friends+fam (especially who have a few bucks) who if only you asked would love to launch you on Patreon, and 75 more who might be down.

– Derive fans from friends

But probe deeper, thinking about which of your friends would benefit or has benefitted most by joining you etc. Who has especially appreciated your work and been stoked to join? Why? These people will be a great reference for who to pursue after you’ve reached the end of your “friends+fam” market. 

Assignment #2:

Create a profile of your ideal patron. What do they love? Who do they love? What kind of music do they like? Who are they influenced by? What are they passionate about? What do they hate? Who do they hate? They might look a lot like you, that’s okay. You won’t find many who fit every feature of this profile, but the more they fit the category the more likely the are to love your music and become a patron.