The One Page Marketing Plan is a great framework for independent artists to create a sustainable career. 

Implementing this in your career will:
1. Provide clarity on who your music for, what it’s about, and how you’ll reach this niche with your music. 
2. Establish a marketing plan which will streamline the details of building an audience and monetizing your music – drastically reducing long-term legwork.
3. Help you build a tribe of supporters, build meaningful community, and turn fans into friends and patrons.

So I’ve adapted the The One Page Marketing Plan for Independent Artists, and formed it into a 9-part course (recommended 9 weeks) to discover your niche, craft a marketing plan to build your audience, and turn your music into money. 

The first important move that this plan will help you make is to flip from thinking about building your career to serving your fans. We’ll start by looking at them first, and reverse-engineer a plan from there. 

Phase One: Identifying and Reaching Your Niche

1. Who would LOVE my music, if only they heard it? — What is my niche? 

2. What emotional need can my music and my story fill for these people? — What pain in my life drives a passion?

3. How will I reach them with my music? — How am I reaching them? — How could I? 

Phase Two: Establishing and Cultivating Relationships

4. How will you draw these listeners into for further relationship? 

5. How will you nurture relationship with these leads? 

6. Now that you’ve built relationship, how will you ask them to join you? 

Phase Three: Building Your Tribe and Making Them Happy

7. What high value, easily deliverable perks can you offer your patrons? 

8. Why would they climb the perk ladder over time? 

9. How will you orchestrate and stimulate referrals? 

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