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If you’re here this music probably means something to you.

It impacted you or helped you in some way. I’m really glad about that.

I’m grateful that you want to help spread the music and support the cause.


4 Ways to Help 

In order of priority (just do #1 if anything)

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1. Share our latest post on social media or even better email, text, or facebook message the album homepage — — to a friend!

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The ministries and organizations we’re supporting:

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Wheatstone invites youth into Christian Adulthood. We’re supporting Wheatstone because they help young Christians learn to ask questions well and grow into the life of the Trinity.

St. Thomas Collective is a group based at Biola University that seeks to explore faith and doubt in community. We’re supporting St. Thomas Collective because they provide a safe space to pursue faith while grappling with the discomfort and pain of doubt and disbelief.

Redeemer is a liturgical, evangelical church in the baptist tradition (yes, liturgical baptists) located in La Mirada. We’re supporting Redeemer because they provide a safe space to ask hard questions and wrestle with pain.

Torrey Academy equips high school students to be lifelong disciples, citizens and scholars who pursue the Good, the True and the Beautiful. We’re supporting Torrey Academy because they help young Christians learn to ask questions well and pursue goodness, truth, and beauty.

Reality is a family of churches throughout California, the US, and the World that seeks to follow Jesus and pursue the good of their local communities. We’re supporting Reality because they are interested in truly understanding Jesus and following Him well, leading to restorative action.

Torrey Honors Institute provides a Biblically centered Great Books education at Biola University. We’re supporting Torrey Honors Institute because they help young Christians learn to ask questions well and pursue goodness, truth and beauty.