What’s next:

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I’m currently in the midst of recording and releasing a song a month. I’m very excited about what’s next this year…

In the meantime, I’m releasing a demo every week to a few close friends. If you’re into that, swing over to:  Patreon.com/justinsinclair

That patron support provides a budget for me to record monthly, so if you want to help with that swing over there!

Also in the meantime, I’m playing lots of shows and house concerts. If you want me to play near you — or in your living room — let me know!


Here’s the first of the new monthly songs:


A year and a half ago, I fell in love really hard. By the second date, I had written a song about her… and played it for her to end the second date.

Above is her drawing of us at the piano that day… I’ll use something like that for the cover art. 🙂


Recently I scored a short film that I’m really excited about.

ReMoved Part 3: Love Is Never Wasted. 

It’s the third in a series of fictional stories in the foster care system.
The previous two films are beautiful – they literally made me cry…

So when the director, my friend Nathanael, reached out to ask if I’d like to score the project… of course I said yes. 

Then I ended up accidentally writing a song based on the film. I showed it to Nathanael, and thankfully he’s this kind of director:
“If you’re inspired, run with it!”

So I went ahead and scored the film using themes from that song. 

We’re making a music video for that which I’ll share with you soon! In the meantime:

Here’s a playlist of music from the film