Let me write you a song!


I want to tell your story, with poetry and melodies, music and lyrics


Watch the video to understand how it works…


Ever wished you had a “theme song” written about your life? Or for your marriage? About a friendship? For your community?

Songwriters have been packaging their memories, ideas, and thoughts in the form of songs for centuries – holding precious moments and themes from their life in poetry and melody…

But rarely do they write someone else’s story – and if so it’s on a whim, for fun. I want to give this gift to others – I want to loan my songwriting to you, and write a song about your story. 

Here’s how it goes down: I sit down with you over coffee, ask you questions, dig into your story, dig deeper, and then dig deeper… until I find the themes and images and moments to weave together and tell your story.

Then I go home and pull up an instrument and see what happens — I start scribbling things, messing around with ideas – lyrics, chords, melodies… until I figure out how to best tell that story, supporting it with the right musical feeling and lyrical movement. And I love it so much… And from what they tell me, people I’ve written for have really loved it too. (read their words below)

Because it’s one thing to listen to other people’s stories get told in songs…But to have a song — that you can listen to, hum, and keep returning to — which captures the pain and the beauty and heartache and joy and mundaneness and profoundness of your own story…it can be a beautiful time-capsule – a sort of wrapping-paper, to hold meaningful memories and moments. And I’ve benefited from that, but it’s been really cool to loan that wrapping paper to others.

I’ve done this for weddings, memorials, anniversaries, and prayer services – scroll down for examples of each.

So if you’re interested in having me tell your story in song, check out the options below. By clicking any buttons you’re not committing to it – just click around below to consider your options. 

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In short: I’ll help you turn your story into a song


To keep, to listen to, to hum, and to return to for years to come —
a unique keepsake for the most meaningful moments and memories and relationships —
for weddings and memorials and prayer services,
for your wife, your son, or your life-long friend. 

And then I can perform the song for your wedding, your ceremony, service, proposal, or any event.
And we can produce and record it with some of the world’s best musicians, and distribute it to streaming platforms.

It all depends on where you’d like to see this end up –

Do you want to just have a story in the form of a song to keep?
Do you want an original song about your story performed at an event
Do you want an original song about your story produced to be played on the radio?

Where should we start – with a song, a performance, or a production

Let Me Write You a Song


  • I’ll write a song about your story
  • One hour-long story intake meeting 
  • Two check-in / revision calls
  • 6 months guaranteed, option of 1-month “priority delivery”
  • Guitar or piano + vocal demo
  • Lyric and/or chord sheet
  • Upgrades include:
    1. High-quality acoustic recording
    2. Advanced chart for musicians
    3. “Performance” or “Production” 


Performance Package


  • “Song” package plus…
  • Song performance at your event
  • Guitar or piano + vocal performance
  • 1-2 extra songs from my repertoire
  • One extra song request
  • Upgrades include:
    1. Extra musicians – strings, drums, bass, anything
    2. Extra songs and more requests
    3. Engineer and sound system


Production Package


  • Song” package plus…
  • Fully-produced, radio quality track
  • 3+ real instruments, played by professional musicians
  • Mixed and mastered
  • Distribution to streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.)
  • Upgrades include:
    1. More instruments, orchestration
    2. World-Class musicians (for artists like Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and more…)
    3. Choice of professional singers



(Either of those go straight to an email – to justin@letmewriteyouasong.com – and we’ll hop on the phone asap!)

How Does This Work?

1. You Choose a Package

  • Choose Song, Performance, or Production
  • Pick some upgrades if you’d like

2. Submit the Proposal

  • On the next page, provide a bit of context for what this song could be – the event, the story, the moment, the themes, etc.
  • This will be emailed to me – or you can go straight to scheduling a free intake call
  • Yes, it’s really me. I’m probably your friend’s friend, and would love to help you make this a reality.

3. I Write You a Song

  • I’ll email you back with some quick thoughts on how I think this will work,
  • We’ll get on an hour-long call for context and start to identify the story together.
  • I’ll take it from there! Whatever your musical dream is, I’ll make it a reality.

Not sure what to choose?

Not sure it’s worth it?


Listen to some examples and read their reviews!

“Omniscient Mourner”

Biola’s “Morning Prayer” Service Meditation

Song Package + upgrades


May our hearts stay warm
And may we mourn with those who mourn
As you did with us oh Lord
Omniscient mourner

Fully God and Fully Man
Well aware of the Father’s plan
Still you slowed to hold my hand
And know my sorrow

You weep for me when I am asleep
Tears so sweet, well in me eternal life

So may our hearts stay soft
To human tragedy and loss
May our empathic sorrow
Be your healing touch

Full of love and full of hope
May we live that all might know
Jesus’ wounds and jesus’ crown
The King compassionate

You weep for me when I am asleep
Tears so sweet, well in me eternal life

For though you reign on high, you stay
Patient by the side of
Those in doubt and pain

May your death be mine
That the thorns and cross of Christ
May adorn my works and
Light reveal them wrought in God

That now in part and full in time
You’ll forever be our life
That untethered we together
May find rest in you

“Beauty in Our Eyes”

Sam and Tessa Hayashida’s Wedding

Performance Package + upgrades


Do you remember when you told me that our friendship was through
And then I haggled just a little bit till you reformed your views
I’m not proud of that and I’ll confess this much is true
If I have any friends from college left it’s all thanks to you

And your patience with all of my quirks
Is not wasted, it waters the earth

Do you remember when you held me in all of my fears
While I projected them on the hands holding me near

It’s not to hard to have patience when every tear
Is like a thunderstorm calming us and drawing us near

And your patience with all of my quirks
Is not wasted, it waters the earth

Cause every single seed to have a hold first needs to die
But they grow into trees to have and hold all of our lives
And now we’ll never need to love alone
Always your hands are with mine
Holding the pain, and beauty in our eyes

Aint it funny and beautiful that though I didn’t want to call
And after years that you were always here I wrote you that poem

It’s silly and really I love that you didn’t know
That you were into me, socrates hadn’t quite found his home

And your patience with all of my quirks
Is not wasted, it waters the earth

Always your hands are with mine
Holding the pain, all the purples and the grays
The picnics and the graves
We’re holding the pain, and beauty in our eyes

“Your Work”

Redeemer Church Children’s Worship Song

Production Package + upgrades


You said you came to follow the call
Of the Father and all He’s planned for us

You said your work is your Father’s work
And to save the whole world you’ll die for us

Then you said to follow
You’d make us fishers of men

Now your work is my work
And your call is my call
Jesus Lord I will follow you

You said the shepherd’s voice would be clear
And that when your sheep hear their hearts will turn
You said you would come back to the earth
To complete all the work you’ll do through us

I will follow in the desert
I will follow in the storm
I will walk with you forever
Jesus let’s go fish for men

And when there is an end to this earth
All the cares of the world will pass away
Still then we will continue to work
as we worship for all eternity

Still Lord we will follow
And we will work with you then