Songwriting & Music Production Lessons


How Does This Work?

1. You Choose a Package

  • Choose Song, Performance, or Production
  • Pick some upgrades if you’d like

2. Submit the Proposal

  • On the next page, provide a bit of context for what this song could be – the event, the story, the moment, the themes, etc.
  • This will be emailed to me – or you can go straight to scheduling a free intake call
  • Yes, it’s really me. I’m probably your friend’s friend, and would love to help you make this a reality.

3. I Write You a Song

  • I’ll email you back with some quick thoughts on how I think this will work,
  • We’ll get on an hour-long call for context and start to identify the story together.
  • I’ll take it from there! Whatever your musical dream is, I’ll make it a reality.