Let Em Bleed

by Brother James

Fog up the glass draw her name
where you know she’ll never see
won’t be the last just play the game
Finders aren’t always for keeps

don’t keep your cards close, lovers peak
some play nice stay on their team
remember there’s no fishy schemes
just hurting people let them bleed
Let em bleed

You know the master is not afraid
but can hold each little piece
and stay at rest not playing safe
throwing knives in total peace

It’s who you are, don’t try to be
just find your own and live it deep
Remember scars come naturally
When it hurts just let it bleed
Let it bleed

You can be sad on the day
When you finally have to leave
Won’t be the last time you’ll say
All the words you hope they keep

I know it’s hard to let em be
When you be there to see
How they’ll get by without you now
So when you hurt em, let em bleed
Let em blend

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